I am passionate about helping others. The following is a brief list of work that I enjoy doing! Contact me, please, and let us collaborate!

Fitness Model:

I shall model your fitness clothing, if I love it. My cute dog shall model for you, too!


I am publishing a book on bulimia, yoga, and life with my dog in 2018. My current plan is to self-publish, but if you can make me an offer that I cannot refuse, then I shall enjoy working with you.

I am also looking for an illustrator for my children’s book. Publishing scenario as described above applies herein, as well. Interested parties, please inquire!

Yoga Teacher:

I shall teach yoga to you, in person or via remote technology. If I think that I can help you to achieve your goals, then we might be a perfect student teacher match. Sharing my soul sport with the world is my goal.

Food Endorsement:

I shall endorse your food, if I love it!

Eating Disorder Counseling:

I shall help you to find your version of healthy! Having experienced an eating disorder for nearly two decades, my wealth of knowledge spans many different times of life from high school to college to young adulthood to the mid-thirties. Furthermore, I am wise in this world to counsel parents of those who live with eating disordered behaviors. So whomever you are, the disordered, or someone who cares for the disordered, reach out to me, please, and I shall offer my unique counsel to you.

Podcast or Article Contributor:

I shall love to be guest on your podcast or to contribute articles to your publications.


I shall publish advertisement for your clothing, food, service, or product, if I love it. Advertisement will be beautifully designed and posted to the right side of this website.

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