I was THAT LITTLE GIRL who stood perplexed with the FDA’s Food Pyramid. I wanted MORE vegetables and MORE delicious protein than I did BREAD, even as a youngster. But the FDA told me NO. Yes, I was THAT GIRL in 1991 fourth grade who used her Friday lunch pizza money, adding $ from her Italian-cookie-stand-earnings (my version of a lemonade stand hahaha), buying the more-expensive-than-pizza salad bar, on the ONLY DAY that she was given the option to buy – otherwise it was PACK, which, I might say, is one of the 3 most amazing things that my parents did for me.

They made me PACK a lunch versus buy, except for on aforementioned Fridays. Yes, my family could have afforded a lunch-cafeteria-buying system, but with my M-TH packed lunches, not only did my parents teach me the value of conservatism, but it permitted me to sell my Hostess Ho Hos because everyone wanted my glamorous lunches, and I could save a few calories and earn a few bucks, even in elementary school. Could that be considered my first job? Selling of my school lunches? Ha ha ha!

So how does this apply to my puppy? 🙂 My nine years, five months, 10 day-year old PUPPY. 😀

It applies because I herein discuss Left and Right-Brained classified thinkers. Left-brained thinkers are considered to be of “logic, analysis, sequencing, linear, mathematics, language, facts, think in words, words of songs computation” whereas Right-brained thinkers are characterised by “creativity, imagination, holistic thinking, intuition, arts, rhythm, non-verbal, feelings, visualisation, tune of songs, daydreaming.” – UCMAS.

And I always called bullshit on that, too, like on the FDA. I never allowed myself to be classified as one-way of thinking or classification, even as a child. And now, as I review the formalised characteristics of both sides of the brain, I know that MY BRAIN is led in the dance of life by the entire gorgeous thing inside of my skull.

Photo Credit: UCMAS

And with my puppy? My heart? My baby? My everything? I am going through these same motions. We await another day or two until learning the results of her biopsy, but she is behaving like a PUPPY again. Even PUPPIER (yes I just created a word maybe!) than she did as a PUPPY. Because now she is skinny. And everything is happier when one is skinny, right? 🙂

So if it is cancer, do I pursue chemotherapy? Or, do I pursue Chinese herbs and achieving of balance in her system? I like that my brain is questioning these items. I just wanted for you, my amazing readers and friends, to know where we are, at this point.

Here is where she is.

And here’s an image which captured her BEAUTIFUL stitching by The Point Breeze Veterinary Hospital.

BEAUTIFUL. It looks like a fashion statement.

And her shoulder stitch looks as BAD ASS.

We are so energised inspired and existing on FULL THROTTLE for the next big thing. Do you know what it is? Keep reading and stay tuned! Namaste. ALL DAY. 🙂

Love, forever, NicoleAndGwendolyn

<3 <3 <3