It is such a rare burger of finding ourselves free to roam about the world in a la la la nature. And this past weekend was that divine burger!! It was so damn good that we’ll title the weekend as “Our Cheeseburger Weekend,” vegan cheese and burger with lettuce bun, of course. Because who can eat a burger without cheese, and who can eat bread and look like we do? Ha ha ha.

I will share a few details of our amazing two days!

It began on Saturday morning at 5am. It was a two-hour snuggle fest.

But we snuggled for much too long, making us 27 minutes late to our 7:30am walk date with Becky and her dog Peppi!

Becky doesn’t flinch about our tardiness, though, because she’s a free spirit. Notice the Mean Girls sign? Yes, Mean Girls is a wonderful film. “120 calories and 48 calories from fat. What percent is that?” Ha ha ha!

We noticed a limousine, so I told Becky the story of how, in sixth grade, I won the middle school’s magazine sales contest. I literally went DOOR TO DOOR to win a limousine ride to MCDONALD’S! 🙂

I always won all of the sales contests whether it was girl scout cookies, magazines, Christmas wreaths, volleyball pies, or the Italian cookie stand. Now that I look back on it, they weren’t really sales contests but fundraising projects. I just always saw them as contests. For the first time in my life, I can say that with regard to my Instagram family, I do not see the challenges as contests but rather as a shared practice with my yoga friends. So fab! See the limo in the background? I know, Gwendolyn’s beauty is likely shielding it from your eyes!

Three hours of walking and window shopping and gabbing (and Becky stuffing her face with a sandwich that she bought at B52), we parked our booties at the COOP and brunched. Nom nom nom.

Gwendolyn likes carrots.

The sweetest mouth ever.

Peppi likes carrots, too.

At that point, Gwendolyn and I decided to do NOTHING all day. So we binge watched the new AMAZING show, Feud, depicting the duel between screen goddess Joan Crawford and her nemesis Bette Davis. Don’t you love my twist on the description, clearly painting MY favorite actress of all time as the goddess? 😉 Oh and I ate coconut chips. She ate fish.

Did some riding on the Peloton! And some yoga!

“Be a f*cking wuzzle.” – Gary Vaynerchuk.

And then it was party time.

Two or three of those above (frankly I can’t remember). And lots of these below!!!!!

Feud is so very damn good. Rarely do we binge watch things, but I needed a damn break from writing of the book. And from Instagram. And from PEOPLE. Becky isn’t a person. She is a dog fairy. This is not my declaration; it is hers. But I did see two of my favorite people on Sunday for their yoga practice! And it was glorious! Afterward, Gwendolyn and I did the same damn thing as on Saturday. BRUNCH. FEUD. STARBUCKS. PELOTON. DRINK. DRINK. DINNER. SLEEP. 🙂

We are so damn happy.