I am so damn in love with life. After fetching last night’s dinner, a woman exclaimed, “Look at you two! Princess and princess! Strutting like you own the world!” Another human, a man, overhearing this exclamation, stated, “When I see you two, my spirits go high. Your energy is contagious.”

Oh my dear god, I just wanted to hug that man! A complete stranger, one that I see in passing, now and then, offered those sweetest of words. One never knows what kind of impact one is making, simply by being kind.

I am so high.

My brain, so alive.

My body, so machine-like!

In other news, yesterday my friend Kristin blamed me for her newfound heavy usage of the word shall. Ha ha ha! And Gwendolyn’s new doo-da was declared as not cancerous. Thank goodness.

Peloton celebrated the Home Rider Invasion during this past weekend. Life kept the girl from NYC but not the girl from HRI as I participated in 7 HRI bicycle rides from Friday night to Sunday night. Eight rides total, seven of which happened in two days, for a total of 104 miles. INCREDIBLE. I’ve had the bike for just six days short of 15 months, and in that time, I have pedaled 6,425 miles!! Every minute of it has been pure ridiculous FUN. When I signed up for Peloton, I knew it would include friends. But I didn’t imagine how gorgeously so! I am literally texting with girlfriends all day, arranging riding dates! A special shout out to #WillRide4Cosmos #SpinBunny and #MommyPlusGrey with whom I’ve ridden much lately!!

Here’s the weird salad that my brain craved yesterday.

Sprouts, corn, garbanzo beans, mushroom, pickles, onions, cucumber!!!!!!!!! And MUSTARD featuring my friend Peter Dickerson’s initials. I promised him that I would create a salad for him. It was so good. The corn and beans smothered in mustard = perfection. OH AND SALT. I always add much more mustard after the initial beautiful picture is snapped. I think that I’ll have this same salad today.

The great number of humans who have reported that My Mason Dixon Salad post inspired their incorporation of mustard into their meals is astounding! Peter Dickerson created this image.

My yoga ninja sister Cece Carson did the same. But I received not a picture. He he. But you can read her pretty blog to be inspired.

And Becky? Well she was a bad girl and completely ignored my call to mustard, rather creating an “apples walnuts oats salt rice syrup” concoction. Ha ha ha ha! It is beautiful, and I think that in a former life (if such a thing exists) that she was a CHEF, a BALLERINA, and a DOG. Note: as beautiful as this is, I would not consume it, as I do not eat oats and rice syrup. They are unnecessary extras. My only unnecessary extra is gin. Don’t you love how my friends and I send food pictures to each other all day?

And for THE BIG NEWS OF THE DAY! I am on schedule with my book writing, and you’re all keeping me majorly motivated. Trust me, it’s boringAF to sit still, and that is required not just for my body, but for my brain, although writing about the bulimic memories does prompt a few tears here and there. I was so wretched to my body. A recent comment by reader and new friend Michael caused me to realise that I am holding SO TRUE to my mission for this blog. I want to inspire others to live according to their value systems of health and wellness, to have them completely unaffected by any school of thought other than the one of achieving THEIR own happiness. I’m like Greta Garbo, in a way. I write about food, eating disorders, exercise, Peloton, film, and philosophy. But, allow me to remind you, I share none of my life with you. My life is shared with my tribe, and my tribe is very private. If I share things with you, I consider myself to be privileged; and vice versa. Michael commented that nobody is perfect, but I rebutted that statement because I think that each human has the potential to be their version of perfect. And that I am. I am perfect. So damn perfect. I love my life. Some would call me a book definition of narcissist, and I’m totally fine with that. To walk about this Earth with such happiness that your skin is tingling and your brain is buzzing is just freaking awesome. Perfection makes me happy. I cannot wait for each new minute of the day and night. That is all! Namaslay.