If aliens had a gorgeous intergalactic telescopic view of my apartment activity of last night, they would have observed extreme madness!! My right LOOK pedal on the Peloton bike stripped, and I went BANANAS. Ten o’clock in the evening was no time to disassemble my pedal and to delay my scheduled workout! But I was there, nonetheless, juggling a sea of wrenches, screw drivers, even a HAMMER, trying to fix the problem. But NOPE. Not fixed. I quickly dashed an email to Peloton, probably making me look nutso; followed by posting to Facebook where my Pelogirls and Pelomen helped me like the best therapists, mechanics, cheerleaders, and friends in the land!

And this morning’s update.

Can we say cray cray? 🙂

One of my Pelomen actually offered to MEET ME somewhere to lend me his extra set of pedals. I am blown away by his chivalry and kindness. Another of my Pelomen instructed me on how to loosen the tight bolt. His verbiage: “Use the “Smack” method… You get the arm at 12 a clock and place the wrench at 3 a clock and smack it with a big hammer!”

Someone needs to use The Smack Method with me and my hard head. Ha ha ha. The next update.

A successful ride. 🙂

But what is the ACTUAL thing that calmed me down? Last night, in the middle of crisis mode, I did 45 minutes of old school Billy Blanks. He was cool but I was still MAD. So I took a few moments to do a few Ashtanga yoga vinyasas. I did that again this morning, and I achieved a complete state of calm. Check out my Instagram for that yoga video. Yoga is my jam. Peloton is my crack. I need my good nourishing jam everyday. I can do without my crack, but I just don’t want to. Oh yes, I did some tricks today as well, and Gwendolbirdie sported her gorgeous rain gear.